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Warrior Two

Vinyasa Vibes: Aaliyah

Friday, November 19th

We are where yoga meets culture. 

Vinyasa Vibes is our monthly event series where we feature the music of one artist for our yoga practice. 

Join us Friday, November 19th as we honor the Aaliyah.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga where your breathing is highlighted throughout the practice. 

Class will be appropriate for all levels including beginners. 

Vinyasa Vibes is a fun way to practice and be in community. Come sweat, vibe and flow with us. 

Cost: $20

Pre-registration required. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate walk ins.

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Beginners Yoga Program
(In studio and virtual participation available)

Saturdays at 10:45am

Starting Saturday, October 30th 

The Beginners Yoga Program is a 4 week long series. Participants will learn yoga poses that are appropriate for beginners in a safe and supportive atmosphere. By the end of the program, participants will notice increased leg, core and arm strength, increased flexibility and the ability to breathe with more depth and ease. 

Participants should be able to attend, at minimum, three of the scheduled classes dates. Any missed classes will have to be made up by attending one of our other classes. 

All are welcome to participate-young and old, full bodied and slim, out of shape and in shape, alike. 

Cost: $50 
Pre-registration required. 

Yoga Mat and Straps