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The NEW Embody Yoga

Opening January 2022

We're upgrading and expanding! Embody Yoga is moving to a new location where we will have two studio spaces, allowing us to offer more services and serve more people. Are you ready to experience the new Embody Yoga? 

Our first studio space, the Jungle studio, will provide a beautiful practice space for our non-heated yoga and meditation classes and other events. Unlike our hot yoga studio, The Jungle is flooded with natural light, which makes it the perfect place for the many plants that will live in this space. They'll be hanging from the ceiling, placed in the windows and strategically placed in planters on the floor. Considering the healing benefits of both yoga and plants, this studio will be the perfect place for our students to reset and be restored. 

Our second studio space, the Desert Studio, will offer a unique hot yoga experience unlike anything we've seen in Milwaukee. Imagine bodies moving and breathing under our infrared heating panels, R&B and Hip Hop coming through our surround sound system and mood lighting to top it off. You may have experienced hot yoga but not like this.

The other part of all of this is that our two studio spaces will afford us the opportunity to share what we have with up and coming yoga teachers who, like Embody Yoga, are serving under-represented groups through the practice of yoga. 

We are crowdfunding to raise $75,000 to bring this vision to life and we are asking YOU to be our partner in this endeavor. Please contribute to our crowdfunding. No contribution is too small. Secondly, we ask that you share our campaign and the word about Embody Yoga with everyone you know. Together, we can make this dream a reality. 

New Studios (Opening 2022): About Us
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