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Virtual Yoga

A New Reality

My, how times have changed! We'll get through this pandemic together. We'll take it one day, one pose, one breath at a time. Keep scrolling...


Morning Flow

Saturday 10:00am
Instructor: Joanna

Join Joanna for another round of Morning Flow on Saturday at 10am (CST). This is a 60-75 minute virtual yoga class for ALL levels (instructor will be demonstrating modifications for beginners throughout the entire session). This edition of Morning flow will focus on building strength in core and legs.

And don't forget-we're on Spotify. Simply search 'Embody Yoga MKE' on Spotify to find a few playlists, curated by us, to round out your yoga experience.

This class will be held on Zoom. The cost of this class is $5 (per household). Please register via MindBody at least 60 minutes before class. A few hours before class Joanna will email you an invite with information on how to join the virtual class.

15 Minute Meditation (Instagram Live)

Thursdays 12:10pm (CST)

Joanna's going LIVE on Instagram!

Join her for a 15 minute meditation to help you cultivate feelings of peace, compassion, joy and loving kindness in a trying time.

Simply follow 'embodyyogamke' on Instagram to join. Don't forget to turn on your notifications and/or set your alarms.